"Mr. Ogden was so kind and understanding! He spent three hours helping me figure out what to do during our consultation in order to get custody of our niece and nephew, and when our hearing date came and the hearing officer wanted to reschedule us (which would have caused us to pay more), he went in and argued for us, and we were seen that day! I knew exactly what to do and what was going to happen in the hearing too, so there were no surprises. Everything went great and now we have custody of our niece and nephew! We hope to have Mr. Ogden help us with adoption next!!"


"I just want to say that Scott Ogden is truly an awesome attorney. He is honest, hardworking, understanding and has a way to make what you feel to be the worse situation in your life not so bad. He assures you of every scenario that can occur so the shock factor will never happen. It was truly my best decision when going to Mr. Ogden to represent me. I am well pleased with my outcome. So I say to anyone looking for an upfront, puts you first and willing to go the extra mile for you type of attorney, Scott Ogden is your guy."


"The most knowledgeable and valuable lawyer I have met in Louisiana. Easy to see why he is in the top 10 of lawyers in the entire state."

"If you need to hire a lawyer it can be a very stressful and uncertain ordeal."

"I was so very fortunate and grateful to have hired and met Mr. Scott Ogden for my case of child custody that I am almost at a loss for words. If you ever have a need for a family lawyer who will understand exactly what you are trying to say, and can put himself in your shoes and fight exactly like you would if you were a lawyer and say the things exactly like you meant them to be said, just better, you need to hire Mr. Scott Ogden right now. He is the most professional lawyer I have ever dealt with and his communication skills add to the excellent service and skills he provided. For me, I need reassurance from time to time, and Mr. Ogden would call me back the same day or send you an email. He will find a way to get in touch with you to let you know that he got your message, and is working your ideas or the angle you are thinking. Also, he will vigorously defend your points, rights and values. After seeing him in action, I would never think of hiring a different family lawyer in Lake Charles or the surrounding area, and my family and friends agree."

"I believe Scott is one of the best lawyers in the country. When you have only one chance to make something right, you better go with a lawyer who is at the top of the field. That lawyer is Mr. Scott Ogden, no question about it."