Psychological Aspects Of Divorce

When a marriage has come to an end, the first thing that comes to mind is just getting a divorce and putting everything behind you. However, things are never that simple. There are psychological aspects of a divorce that should be considered, even in the most amicable of circumstances. Our firm is familiar with many family related therapists, child counselors, parent facilitators and custody evaluators, and we regularly work with these people to further the best interests of the children and parties involved. These professionals are often used to work with children, and to act as the children's voice when the court needs to take their voice into account.

At Fuerst, Carrier & Ogden, in Lake Charles, our attorneys are dedicated to not only helping people with the legal aspects of a divorce proceeding, but also to ensuring that they have a healthy perspective toward whatever the future may hold. To schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers, call 337-436-3332.

Common Psychological And Emotional Responses To Divorce

Even when partners agree that their union has run its course and are in general agreement about how best to end the marriage, it is still common to feel alienated, abandoned and alone. This is a major change and involves losing a strong pillar of support. There will also be a financial impact to a divorce that cannot be ignored. In fact, a divorce is in many respects similar to losing a loved one. All of the emotions associated with grieving are often present, including anger, fear, depression, hatred, anxiety and heightened stress levels. These emotions are perfectly natural and should not be suppressed or ignored.

Working Your Way Through The Divorce Process

The legal process only represents a piece of the overall divorce process. You also need to consider yourself and your needs. The help of professionals, such as family therapists and financial planners can go a long way toward alleviating your fears and helping you come to terms with your future.

Allow us to carry the legal burden so that you can focus on yourself and your children. We can recommend trusted, outside help to assist you in this time of need. Our goal is to have you not view your divorce as an ending, but rather a new beginning.

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