Protecting Your Interests During Property Division

Whether you have relatively few assets or possess significant wealth, it is important to ensure that your interests are protected when it comes to a property division agreement. At Fuerst, Carrier & Ogden, in Lake Charles, our attorneys can help guide you through this process and explore your options to help ensure a fair division. To schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers, call 337-436-3332.

Community Property Or Separate Property?

Louisiana is one relatively few states that follows a community property model. Basically, all assets and/or debts acquired over the course of a marriage are considered to be community property and is subject to division. Any assets or debts acquired prior to the marriage are considered to be separate property and may be exempt from division. Naturally, there are numerous exceptions to these basic rules. There are instances where separate property may take on the characteristics of community property and becomes subject to division. That is why legal guidance is so important.

Some couples are able to negotiate the general terms of a property division agreement on their own, while others will require the court to make a final determination. In either case, the goal is to ensure that all assets and debts are divided fairly.

Questions About Dividing Marital Property? Contact Our Attorneys.

Property division is often one of the most complex aspects of any divorce proceeding. Ensure that your interests are protected with the help of skilled legal counsel. Call 337-436-3332 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.