Protecting Your Assets With Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement is perhaps one of the most misunderstood legal documents. Many people view them as a tool only used by the rich and famous who place no faith in the person they intend to marry. However, a prenuptial agreement can be a useful tool for all individuals to help protect them from financial ruin should their marriage ever come to an end.

Premarital agreements are complicated documents that need to be considered carefully. At Fuerst, Carrier & Ogden, in Lake Charles, our attorneys can help you craft a prenup that is tailored to meet your specific goals. To learn more, call our lawyers at 337-436-3332.

An Insurance Policy That Provides You With Peace Of Mind

Nobody enters into a marriage planning a divorce sometime in the future. A prenuptial agreement is not an admission that you do not expect things to work out or that you do not trust your future spouse. However, the fact is relationships change over time. Hopefully, you and your spouse will be able to weather these changes, but should the unthinkable ever occur a prenup can help protect your hard-earned assets and shield you from your partner's debt.

A premarital agreement can be thought of as a type of insurance policy. You hope that your home will never burn down, but if it should it is nice to know that you are covered. Similarly, you hope that your marriage will never end in divorce, but if it does you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are protected from losing everything.

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