Your Guides Through The Divorce Process

Divorce is a major change for any family, but it does not necessarily have to be a change for the worse. The attorneys at Fuerst, Carrier & Ogden, in Lake Charles, are committed to helping clients achieve a healthy perspective moving forward and hopefully enabling them to help view the end result as a change for the better. To schedule a consultation with our lawyers, call 337-436-3332.

Protecting Your Interests In Contested Divorce Cases

A divorce is considered to be contested if couples are unable to reach an agreement on some of the major issues that must be resolved, such as child custody, the division of property or the establishment of spousal support. When there is simply no reaching an agreement, it is necessary to resolve any and all outstanding issues through the courts. Our attorneys are skilled litigators who will serve as strong advocates for your interests.

Uncontested Divorce Agreements

An uncontested divorce is the opposite of a contested divorce. In these cases, both spouses are able to reach a general agreement on all of the principal issues. These cases are generally resolved faster and cheaper than a traditional divorce. However, it is important not to take this type of divorce lightly. There is a psychological impact to the end of any marriage, especially if children are involved.

Once the attorneys have helped couples address all of the primary issues, there is still a final hearing that must be held before a judge. Once a judge has approved the final decree, you will be ready to begin this new chapter of your life.

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