Working To Resolve Child Custody Matters

Issues concerning child custody are often the most emotional part of any divorce proceeding. At Fuerst, Carrier & Ogden, in Lake Charles, our attorneys understand that custody battles can be emotionally exhausting. We will work closely with you to help you set your expectations, understand your goals and work toward an agreement that always has the best interests of your child in mind. To schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers, call 337-436-3332.

Legal Custody And Physical Custody

There are two types of custody that must be determined. Physical custody refers to where the child's primary place of residence will be. Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make important decisions, such as those concerning health care, education and religious upbringing, on a child's behalf. Legal custody may be granted to either one or both parents.

The Best Interests Of The Child

Every custody determination is made with the best interests of the child in mind. The court uses a variety of different factors to determine what should be in the child's best interests, including the length of time the child has lived with the parent, the ability of the parent to provide for the child and, if the child is of a certain age, his or her preference.

Contrary to popular belief, the law no longer assumes that a child will be better off with the mother. The law has evolved to the point where it recognizes that a relationship with both parents is beneficial and the court will try to ensure that the noncustodial parent has at least some rights to visitation, and an equal relationship with both parents is now the preferred outcome, certain factors notwithstanding. Our attorneys can help explore your options and we will always work toward the option that is best for your child.

Children's psychological well being is something we prioritize highly at Fuerst, Carrier & Ogden. We often utilize child psychologists, psychological custody evaluators, parent facilitators and other professionals to work with children and, when necessary, to act as a voice for children who need to be heard by the court.

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